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Hi everyone, my name is Davey. I've been shooting slingshots for a while now and thought I'd finally get on the forum. I want to say "Hi" and also ask a possibly loaded question to everyone out there.

I've been shooting Theraband Gold since I upgraded from my Daisy Wrist Rocket and really like it but I live in 50F conditions and getting more than 100 shots is impossible with a 24-14 taper which I've used to take rabbits. I did some research and read that 1745 tubing has the accuracy of flatlands along with the power. So I bought some SimpleShot 1745 along with some of their .7 latex to see if it would last longer, so far the tubing feels super weak and doesn't deliver the power I recall my Old Daisy having. Does anyone have speed tests for SimpleShot's tubing sizes? Or could anyone tell me if it out preforms medical 1745? Because I've used that before and I remember it feeling a lot stronger then the ones SimpleShot sells, not to disrespect the brand, Nathan Master's has done way too much for the Slingshot realm for me to do that, just ignorant. Thanks!

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