Dankung Pocket Poacher or Game Hunter

Discussion in 'General Slingshot Discussions' started by Peterburban, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Peterburban

    Peterburban New Member

    I'm about to place my first order with winnie and I ended up with to many slingshots in my shopping basket :D

    In the dankung selection only one of these two can stay:
    -Dankung Pocket Poacher
    -Dankung Game Hunter

    Pricing is about the same, they both handle 2 bands of TBG and 10.5mm ammo.
    I have pretty big hands and I'm quite strong (not Yoerg-like but going there).

    Yes, I'm also building my own but I have a lot of fork/hand hits so I would like to buy a "ready-to-go" slingshot allong with the ammo I had to buy annyway.
  2. zwillie

    zwillie New Member

    good that you don`t want to buy the dangerous china f*** made of zinc alloy.
    I would buy the pocket proacher because of the ability of easily mounting tubes.


  3. Ghosth

    Ghosth Over the hill but still swinging!

    That is a tough choice. I think either would do very well.
  4. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    I agree with Zwillie, the Game Hunter is a nice option for either tubes or bands. Plus, for me, I don't care for the all metal Pocket Poacher - imagine you're out shooting in the colder weather, it could make that one a bit uncomfortable unless you wrap the handle with something, and it could be too slick to hold if it's wet. If you did choose the Pocket Poacher, maybe you could wrap it with some paracord like the Game Hunter or maybe some nice leather to provide a good strong purchase on the handle.
  5. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    If you consistantly have fork hits, I'm not so sure a dankung product is for you. Pocket poacher has narrow fork gap which will only magnify the problem. My hunter is narrow enough and is a traditional size dankung. Good luck deciding, it took me forever to make up my mind on one of over 100 designs.
  6. Peterburban

    Peterburban New Member

    I suspect the fork hits to be caused by me not 'flicking' enough.
    And that's probably because my self made ss is 45mm thick overall, including the fork.
    And I made fingergrooves so I hold it (to) firm.
    But that's just guessing so I ordered a 'real' slingshot and real ammo to find out...

    Thanks for the tips!