Dakung Panther Wood Grip - Problem

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    Earlier this year I bought one of Jorge Sprave's Panther slingshots from Dankung for about $40. When it arrived 1/2 of the handle was loose in the box. I cleaned off the wood grip and the slingshot frame, and superglued the handle back on. Over the past few months one of both of the sides has come loose again - so I reglued them. But now, I've lost both halves.

    Ok, so how can I get the Panther into a condition I can actually use. Just the metal frame is not going to work for me.

    Anyone have a solution?
    Richard @ Bizmarts
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    Use epoxy and u have to do wet abrasion which is the process in which you put your epoxy on the metal then take a wire brush and rough it out on the metal to bond wood to metal such as this, let me find the video I found

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    May I also suggest to use my method of filling the hollow with car body putty?


    The process is explained starting from page 26 of the manual (I wrote it myself).

    The wood will bond so much better to the putty than to the steel. That is the main reason why left these large holes in the frame when I designed it.
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    Solution for wood handle problem on Panther

    I just made a handle using bondo. After shaping, painting, and coating with urethane it will work better than the wood handle...and it will not come off with use!