Cutting Latex Or Theraband

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  1. Aussie_Al

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    Hi All,

    I see many posts mentioning a roller cutter.
    A product i am unaware of, but sure i could find.

    My question is, why not simply use a scalpel ?
    As with a metal straight edge, held down hard, why would a scalpel not be just as good ?...

    Cheers Aussie Allan In Thailand
  2. G_Y

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    Hi Al,

    lightweight bands make the ammo fly longer and faster.

    Optimised bands are streched up to 6 times longer then before and often they are smaller cutted on the pouch side maybe to half of the diameter. This is stressed to the limit.

    If the surface on the side is not smooth waves or micro-cuttings are weak points to tear earlyer.

  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    because you aren't sliding the roller cutter over the band, you are pushing it, this makes a much cleaner cut, of you would use a scalpel the rubber would move and the cut wouldn't be a clean