compound slingshot

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  1. Eumel

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    has anyone ever tried to make one?
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  2. kohlqez

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    That would depend on your definition of "compound." If you mean a slingshot with pulleys then the answer is yes, there are lots of compound slingshots. But if you mean a slingshot that "locks" into place at full draw, not that I know of and I don't think it would be possible due to the nature of rubber

  3. JoergS

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    Well, there is the "Raptor", which may not LOOK like a slingshot - but it is one.


    It is propelled by rubber alone, and entirely muscle operated.

    It also shows the problem, or, better, the limitations of such mechanisms.

    It will only generate advantages over straight rubber bands when you shoot very small lightweight ammo.

    The additional mass you have to move and the friction eat up so much energy that very little is left over for the shot. Heavy ammo won't fly fast. Straight rubber is much more efficient here.

    Small ammo, different picture. This contraption can shoot BBs at almost 600 fps, which makes it the fastest slingshot I have seen yet.
  4. Eumel

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    true, i did not think aboöut that one sonce it diesnt look like a slingshot at all.
    i had the idea when id saw the video about the slingshots with matal tubes to increase the draw lenght where you could switch out the outer tube for an oval shaped compund thing.
    i hope that made any sense and im not talking complete bull**** here^^
    keep up the good work jörg, your awesome :)