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Greetings, I have recently returned to slingshots after a long absence.Part of the return is realizing that I would like something to practice some sort of marksmanship with that isn't loud, is relatively safe for background use, yet will still pack enough of a wallop that is useful for defense. The thing about returning to slingshots is that iI have lots of frames laying around that only need to be re mounted with bands. My current stable is a simplest bean flip, a figure 8 descender slingshot, Rambone 2.0 , Dankung Panther, Hathcock sniper and several trumark and marksman design slingshots. The Figure 8 and the beanflip seem to be the best EDC carry options, and the Panther is actually the most flexible on banding, with the heavier Daisy tubes fitted to it, it will also take looped tubes and flatland sets. Getting back into the shooting with so many frame options might actually be hindering my regaining accuracy so I have dropped back to mostly the Figure 8 descender slingshot and Simplest standard bands with 9mm ammo for primary practice.
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