Cold damp weather

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  1. JimRhodo

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    Can you wear gloves and fire a catapult/ slingshot. No bulls and a few grazes and a lot of wild misses today. It was mainly just my hands that felt the cold dampness.
  2. VWscooby

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    I wear these for shooting:

    They are brilliant, the thumb and mitten top fold back, magnets keep the folded bits out of the way when you are shooting, and they are toasty warm when you aren't. Only the bits needed are out in the air so they are a lot warmer than fingerless mitts. Also have compartments for hand warmers too!

    Not tried them with a catty yet but sure they will work well.

    If its too cold for the gloves then rubber won't be working too well so its time to sit by the fire with a Scotch :)
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  3. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    I do wear a glove on my holding hand from time to time, but I've never worn a glove on my release hand. Since your release is really critical in avoiding things like fork or hand hits or wild shots, then looking at something like VW suggested may be a good idea - so you can keep the rest of your hand warm. Or you can tough it out like this guy:

  4. Lacumo

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    I imagine the wet/west(?) coast of Scotland must be heavenly if you’re into cold, damp weather. Gloves like the ones VWscooby linked can help a lot. I used to use them when hunting (with a rifle--not a slingshot) deer many years ago. The thumb and index finger of your release hand will however always be out there in the weather, so the solution isn’t a total one.
  5. dolomite

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    I've used mechanixwear gloves when it was freezing, better than bare hands.
  6. JimRhodo

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    I've just looked at a hunting forum. It's a big issue for everybody!
  7. WildBill

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    I have a pair of golfing gloves that I've used in the past for such exercises. They've proven helpful.

    -Wild Bill
  8. Obl1v1Aus

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    Not that it gets really cold here in Australia, but it's a pain when it's windy and raining. I've been using the 'Porsche' style driving gloves, they fit like a second skin, keep the wind and water out and are pretty warm too. I've used them for rifles and bows (both hands) and they work well. I've yet to try them with the slingshots as it's summer here so they aren't needed.
    I do treat them with Dubbin every time I finish using them To keep them soft, and waterproof them a bit.
    But I don't know If contact with dubbin is any good for rubber