Choose Your Weapon!

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  1. kindlebear

    kindlebear Slinger of Shots

    the axe

    since it is/ has:
    • sturdy and easy to maintain
    • a sharp edge to cut, slice and carve
    • a hammer side to bash, smash, nail and forge
    • a hooked end to hook into things
    • a long handle to reach out, push away, pull into range (together with the hook), use as a lever or to be used as not-necessarily-lethal weapon
    1. it can be used to craft/create more essential things and tools to achieve more possibilities
    2. it does not require as specialized skills to wield, like a sword requires and
    3. deals more damage than a baton
    4. never runs out of ammo
    5. opens most doors in a civilian/urban environment
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  2. Belargo

    Belargo Mad Scientist

    I'd go for the baton. The axe is certainly more effective, but lacking the proficiency, I'm sure I'd end up hacking myself in the foot with it. And the last thing you want in such a situation is a nasty flesh wound from an axe with zombie blood all over it :p
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  3. ffoowwlleerr

    ffoowwlleerr Makery and Mischief

    Probably my cold steel special forces shovel ! Sharp steady and i dont see it geting stuck in any zombi skulls. Or Mishons katana form walking dead !!
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  4. Billy02

    Billy02 New Member

    in my opinion i think i will go for the sword, as it will be easier to draw and the length of the blade will keep some distance between me and that ugly thing. haha.