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  1. Hi!
    this is a video of me testing out lost foam casting for a new slingshot!
    i am going to do this in the future for a full hammergrip slingshot!:D:D
    i hope that u like it!
    please ask any questiones that you have!
  2. Amazing, nice and great work!

    Nice Slingshot!

    Nice Video, nice Instruction!


  3. Moin moin,
    Please not on wooden background!
    The idea with the styrofoam is good, you would only get the surface smooth. Time, try to cover it with plastic film or aluminum foil? That the sand - take finer sand - fire-dried quartz sand - smooth, without pores presses.

    Beware of charcoal, and oxygen supply. The temperature can be so high that the melt outlet. Better a gas flame.

    Bitte nicht auf Holzuntergrund!
    Die Idee mit dem Styropor ist gut, man müsste die Oberfläche nur glatter bekommen. Mal versuchen, sie mit Kunstofffolie abzudecken, oder Alufolie? Das sich der Sand - Feineren Sand nehmen - Feuergetrockneter Quarzsand - glatter, ohne Poren andrückt.

    Achtung bei Holzkohle, und Sauerstoffzufuhr. Die Temperatur kann so hoch werden, das die Dose schmilzt. Besser eine Gasflamme.
  4. Brazilviking

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    Man, you are really a craftsman! Just a question: How old are you?
    I am VERY impressed with this work!
  5. slingpit

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    Realy nice vid and a great result of your work.
  6. thanks for your kind words.
    as for how old i am, i am old enough to know that it is a bad idea for me to say my age on the internet :D;):cool:
  7. thanks!
  8. thanks!!! :D:)
  9. jt-1911

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    I will take a guess of 12 :)
  10. Wanimator

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    No offence but how old are you?
  11. Brazilviking

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    Just asking because you seem highly gifted in craftmanship, and you voice in your videos demonstrate that you are a kid. Just curiosity. the younger you are, more impressed I become!:D
  12. Slagskimmer Mike

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    Its very cool the way you point out that this is not to be attempted lightly.

    That said, this video rocks, and the ss is sweet.

    Your hands-on hours with tools counts for so much more than your age. Hopefully people won't underestimate the dangers of this hobby based on the sound of your voice. You obviously think everything through very well and have good safety info and habits.

    Thanks for the heads up about florist foam, a worthy experiment.
  13. Thistle

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    Superb job on the mini ergo slingshot! And I absolutely LOVE the homemade POP/Sand forge that you made.

    Fantastic experimental testing on the lost foam casting. Love the floral foam idea! I can also see this simple and inexpensive application being use in an elementary at-home jewelry-making process. Hmmm...

    Thank you for sharing your experiments and ideas. Very educational. Really another outstanding tutorial. Can't wait to see the 'lost foam' hammer-grip slingshot that you are planning next!
  14. that is the best guess yet :D
  15. thanks!
  16. thanks!
    for the lost foam hammerslingshot i have orderd some proper crucibles and am going to make a bigger forge! also i am going to experiment with more types of styrafoam to see wich one is shaped the easiest! :)
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  18. Thanks!
  19. FIAAO

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    Beautiful work, I want to try that some day! :) I'm always looking forward to your videos!
  20. Yep!
    Thanks! I can't wait to see it! When is ur next vid comming out? There hasn't been ne for a while now :)