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    Hi mates! I was searching for my introduction here and as I could not find it, I decided to make it all over again, and justify my recent decrease in my activity here in the SSC forum.

    Well, I stumbled acros....nah! to obvious!
    I'm Raul, a 34(in 22 days 35) years-old kid.
    I work as an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in the Ilizarov's method for bone reconstruction (the reason for some of our friends here call me "doctor") and Sometimes I use bone implants and surgical devices to build slingshots.
    I have a little black dog called "Patela" (yeah, the knee cap bone) that is like a daughter to me. A street dog, no breed, came from an animal shelter.
    I also practice taekwondo and brazilian jiu-jitsu, but I'm retired from competitions since last year (and now I'm getting fat....)

    It has been about one year since I joined this forum and it has been one of the funniest communities that I've ever met! Very skilled craftsmen, ingenious creators, mad scientists, thread hijackers, cook chefs, musicians, BEER, and above all this, FRIENDSHIP! Friendship in the most impressive form that it can exist. No hidden interests, no evil speaking (well sometimes...:D). People happy just to have the oportunity to know better another one. Espontaneous gift exchanges. Helpfull advices.

    So here I am to say hello to all of you guys!
    Dolomite, Withak, Arturo, Wild Bill, Will, Schultz, Joerg, FIAAO, TAOW, Rockslinger, Flipgun, our missing Dragonslayer, Thistle, Flicks, Antraxx, Tremoside, BeMahoney, Ozzy osborne, Bert the welder (missing, huh?), Studer, LW, VW Scooby, Ravensbull, Nathan masters flippinout, Jeremy, Angelic scars, xXdoomXx, TokSik (I'll never write this properly...), Achso_42, Slingpit, Kiitos, JohnKrakatoa, Tilia, ................................

    Oh boy! So many names!!!! So many good fellows! I'm really sorry if I forgot any name, but they are so many, that a thread could not be enough. Only a heart have all that space available.
    I've been learning a lot here! My craftmanship evolved. My english evolved. My friends list evolved.

    And the reason I've been a little distant is that I'm having extra work at my job and getting my new house ready to move! Now we will have guest rooms (maybe to receive some international fellows?) and my dreamed workshop!
    But I'm aways close! PM me if necessary!
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    wow! Longest introduction so far I think!

    cheers Doc!

  3. AngelicScars

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    THIS, this is an intro right here, newbs take note!
    This forum wouldn't be what it is without you, along with a handful of others. Glad you are here!
  4. BeMahoney

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    .for those who belong!

    Hey BV!

    it´s not only "again"!
    You should know you are well liked,
    highly appreciated and a sparkling
    source of friendship yourself!

    Being "in touch" with you ever feels
    good!- Thanks for knowing you,
    the fun we shared (and the recipies..)

    The formerly "blank map" (except for Brasilia and Oscar Niemeyer -
    o.k. to be honest some samba-forks as well :) )
    of Brazil is filled with some crazy loveable doctors face
    (including your future wife and your dogs)

    Cheers to Brazil! - Good to know you are here

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  5. Will

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    Ah, how much less enjoyable this forum would be without the humor, friendship and mad scientist skills of our good doctor! You, my friend, are an absolute staple to this community and seeing your posts is always exciting!
  6. Withak

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    Awesome re-introduction BV! I echo the same sentiments. This is the most unique forum I've even been involved with. This is the only place online where I could say I've actually made friends. The trades are amazing. You, Dr. BV, have been an example of some of the greatest generosity I've seen anywhere, which encourages me to try and do likewise. Fantastic words, greatly appreciated. The forum wouldn't be the same without you here.
  7. dolomite

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    Bro, that's a damn fine re-introduction! If I do one, I'll probably follow Jen's lead and douchebag out by bumping my original intro. It has pics of everyones puppies so that will be cool. Say hi to Fernanda, Patela, and thedogwhoshallnotbenamed(Patela's pet).
  8. slingpit

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    Puuh, what a long introduction. I´m a little tired from reading.
    You are a great mate and i´m glad to know you. I hope this goes on for many years.
    Now i need a Beer.
  9. WildBill

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    I hope that the new house has a dock for your Viking longboat. I'd hate to see you have to scrap it and make slingshots out of it. Err, maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all...

    -Wild Bill
  10. Jeremy

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    Damn fine re-introduction my friend. Know that even though your posts are less frequent due to extra work and moving into your new house, you are NEVER far from our thoughts. You have inspired so many members of this forum and like many others (you pretty much named a good majority in your re-intro), this forum would not be the same without you. We appreciate your humor, insight, helpfulness, and when needed, thread hijacking.

  11. JohnKrakatoa

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    When my hip joint gives out Ill visit you then ? :D Welcome ! :D

    P.S.: I had this when I was 5 years old. A milder form, didnt need screws ...but the ball joint is weakened so...
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  12. Courier

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    A wonderful re-introduction, BV! So many wise words...