Buyer beware and a question

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    I Just picked up my first chinese tube shooter from Ebay and i am hooked on how snappy it shoots. the one i have is marketed as the "Stainless Steel Slingshot hunting Sling Shot Catapult."sold by seller olivezheng. it might be awsome to get a kid into shooting, at only $5.44 and 85 cents to ship i shouldn't complain but i'll give a warning. its not steel. its probably zinc plated in chrome, telling by the way it barely gets a reaction out of a compass(magnet won't stick at all) and the way a glass marble dented the fork.<br><br>slapped myself in the forehead when i read Dankung's warning page afterward.<br><br>Now for my question: Are Dankung's "Stainless Steel" slingshots made of actual stainless steel or chrome plated zinc as well?
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    All original Dankungs that I have seen or heard about are steel.<br><br>But keep in mind stainless steel is usually not magnetic, and also it dents easily. Stainless does not mean "hard". In fact for a slingshot, hardness is not so desirable, softer steel will bend before it snaps. <br><br>So your previous tests aren't suitable to find out what your frame is made from. Could be steel, could be zinc. <br><br>Pretty much the only way to find out wether or not your slingshot is zinc or steel is to file in a notch. Then you'll know.