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So to make the bullpup x-bow pistol you're going to need reasonably thick wood, wood glue, a few L brackets, some various bolts, nuts, washers, nails, a jigsaw (or anything you can use to cut wood evenly,) a drill, a toothbrush, short length of paracord (or shoelace,) a cork from a wine bottle, and of course theraband.
STEP 1 take your wood and draw a pistol outline on it, use the top straight edge of the board as the top of your outline.
STEP 2 Cut out this first outline, then repeat the first step 2 more times using the first cut out as your outline.
STEP 3 Take one of your wooden cutouts and cut the handle apart from the barrel diagonally, then cut 3-4" off the barrel piece. This will be the space for your trigger.
STEP 4 Cut out a rectangular piece of wood about 2" longer than the width of your 3 pistol cut outs.
STEP 5 Cut out your trigger. It should be shaped something like this
/ except thicker for more strength then sand both sides and round sharp edges
STEP 6 drill hole through trigger (just after the first angle) and into one of your pistol cut outs, (the one that will be on the bottom when the weapon is on its side) this hole will be trigger pivot so position it accordingly
STEP 7 insert a nail through the trigger into the pivot hole do not pound it in, insert another nail closer to the handle, wrap a rubber band around that nail and the trigger.
STEP 8 use wood glue to attach middle cut outs of the barrel and handle to the pistol cut out with the nails and trigger.Make the pieces as even as possible
STEP 9 when glue from STEP 8 dries glue on top cut out make the pieces as even as possible.
STEP 10 measure 1" into either side of your rectangular piece of wood so it looks something like this
| _ | it's not perfect but you get the idea
|_| |_|
STEP 11 Cut your now glued pistol pieces to fit your rectangle and glue it there
STEP 12 drill holes slightly larger than your bolts are thick in the front corners of your rectangular piece
STEP 13 Cut your cork in half and drill a hole through it, work your bolts through the holes, then put them into the holes made in STEP 12
STEP 14 lightly tighten nuts around your bolts.
STEP 15 towards the back cut a notch in your pistol not to far though
STEP 16 make 2 identical little tombstone shaped pieces of wood, attach them to the pistol on either side brace them with your L brackets, you may also want to glue the tombstones in place
STEP 17 watch Jörg's videos on attaching bands and string, the one where he makes the zombie killing sling bow is a good one for this.
The last thing to do is attach a bolt securing device, I didn't do this so your on your own for this part. If you want to see pictures of the semi finished product look in the show off your homemades section. If you decide to take on this project please post some pictures so I can see what you guys made.
PS sorry for not doing pictures
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