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Im from Holland, isnt that weird?
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Great work! You can't go wrong with multiplex!

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That's a beautiful job, love the design and that some very good workmanship man.I work with 5/8' marine plywood a lot and it's amazing what you can achieve with it and good bandsaw.Very well done don't everstop:D

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WOO-HOO! Dang Boi! Knocked it out of the park on the first pitch. That looks Good!
I would never have found such accurate words to describe my degree
of appreciation!

Very straight and accurate work!- regarding the band grooves, I MUST
say it´s a perfect work! (But part of the success belongs to the LeTonkinois-
this stuff knew it was about to cover that masterpiece, so it hypnotized
the best craftsman in it´s area (a tiny little bit, unnecessarily though)
to make sure to have a nice place to rest.. ;) )

Concerning that multiplex source, I will go downstairs for some 40mm..
but first a package to Brazil, waiting for weeks now, will
finally have to be launched... (if you put three of those 18mm´ers together,
rotate the middle one by 90°..)

WithaK, my friend!
Codido is a lucky guy - like all who get to know you!

Greetings to Oregon,


aka Whitehawk!
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@Onnod - thanks!

@inkspot - thank you - I think I need to get some more of this multiplex so I can keep going :)

@BeMahoney - thank you for your kind words. That Le Tonkinois is interesting stuff - it's kind of like spreading maple syrup over the piece. I like the finish. It doesn't show in the photos, but the surface of the wood on the lighter side had almost a pearlescent finish to it. Good stuff Be, thank you again for sending it to me.
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