Bands and Frames: Pairing suggestions?

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by Randumbness, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Randumbness

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    So I have two sets of bands I can use, Theratube red or blue flat surgical bands.

    I'm aware of how Theratube red would perform, but I don't know how the surgical bands would.

    I'll be using a single strand per fork with the Theratube and double layering the surgical bands.

    As for the forks, I would like to make one from a natural and another from pencils and duct tape as seen in Joerg's "Weaponizing Duct Tape" vid.

    With these ideas, I would like to know which ones I should pair up to make a sling shot.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Moin moin.
    No suggestion from me......!?!

    Do it, and see......

    no none of my proposals.

    Do it and see ....

  3. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    Blue surgical bands. My mom works in the hospital an gave some pre cut bands. I think that they are tied around the arm fo shots. They did not have enough stretch for serious shooting. But yours might be different.
  4. Brazilviking

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    I've only seen that blue surgical flat bands once. And they seem amazing. They give quite a slap on the air when you simulate a shot. We don't have those here. An anestesiologist showed me...and he had only one.
    I would like to know how they perform on a slingshot. But I think I would put 2 or 3 layers each side.
  5. Ravensbull

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    Hello guys. A word of caution about those blue "surgical" bands or "tourniquets!" If they are the same as the ones I was given to try, being light blue and opaque similar to a common rubber band and approximately an inch wide by 18 inches long, they will shoot but not very well unfortunately... The word of caution comes into play because they will snap/break unpredictability anywhere along the length in my experience while I was testing them untapered singles at each side (1 band cut in half for two 9" before tying.). They seem to have a low latex content and a lot of air bubbles start opening quickly after just a few stretches/shots... Make sure to wear safety glasses and draw them back either draw overhead or down low to prevent a brutal snap in the face! I was done with them after a bad welt across the left cheek... Be careful!!!