Ballpark Estimate for Special Project Bands

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    So I'm very new to this sport and immensely enjoy the design and build process. So far I've built, two hex nut shooters, a Moorhammer, the James Bond pistol (modded to shoot AA batteries), a toilet brush sniper rifle, two slingbows (one of which I added rollers to) and two gloveshots. The problem I'm having rite now is how to calculate the length, width and taper of bands for these types of unique designs, thus far I'm just guessing. Can anyone give some simple insight on how to remedy this? Also, I plan to post full scale templates for everything I build or design.
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    Search the band calculater. It will show you how to cut the bands depending on your ammo size.

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    +1 on rock slinger's suggestion - Joerg has previously posted a calculator for Theraband Gold. I'm finding though, that I've learned by seeing what others like to use and trying that for myself. As you've already noticed, banding a slingshot varies by design, it varies by use, by ammo type, sometimes by weather (cold or warm) and by personal preference. Honestly, even a band calculator is somewhat limited just because it's giving you an answer for a very specific set of circumstances. The more bands I make for myself, the more I learn about what I like and don't like. Getting involved in the Global Trade has allowed me to try slingshots using bands I make based on my trade partner's preferences - I try each one before I send it out and make a note of what I like and what I don't like. So search the band calculator, but keep an open mind and note what you try and what you like and don't like. There are products other than Theraband Gold out there, thanks to some others, I'm learning I like a variety of products. I've come to really like Theraband black and silver myself. I'm not a tube shooter, but I know there are plenty of folks that have opinions on those too.