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    last weekend I was a the „Rock am Ring“ music festival.

    There ware also a few guys having these slingshot: Big

    (this is the smaller version: Small)

    These thing was really cool! It had much power and a gigantic range!!

    I needed some time to figure out, where the water balloons where coming from ….

    The only problem is, that you can't aim unless you are going for a strait target.

    I thought about a slingshot which can be fired like, a mortar.
    It is necessary to set the direction, angle and energy, to close up to your target and repeat a single shot any time you want!

    My first idea was to use a slingbow like type.
    Direction is quite easy, you can just mount an compass on the device for this.
    Energy can be managed by using balloons with the same amount of water (weight) and a trigger which shout give us the same power from the rubber (Temperature can make problems).
    Angle has to be done by moving the front up-worts for an measured length.

    It is important, that you can measure every setting and note it down. So you are able to remove the device, bring it back and do the same shot again!

    I have some ideas how to build something like that, but it should be small, light, easy to carry and maybe not looking to dangerous.

    So, because I am not experienced (I haven't build a single slingshot [since I was a child]), I ask you experts here, what do you think?

    Which design should work best?
    Is it an intelligent idea to build something like that? / Could it be to dangerous?
    Have someone maybe already build something like that?

    In my opinion it could be a cool project for the summer, not only for me ;)

    btw.: Sry for my poor English, I read books and watch movies , but don't write it often.
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    I have no idea. I'd rather have a lethal device. And I'd suggest using Google Translate for your english.

  3. s0d

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    I bet you already have a few lethal device in your arsenal. ;)

    At the moment I'm just looking for some summer fun.

    I am going to try that, but it's not working every time.
    For example google translated the following:

    Also does not look perfect.
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    Ahhhh, okay, I think it is more of a dialect issue than an actual translate issue though... Because you probably say the equivelent to that in German and it then prints it out, but it has a different phrasing/meaning in english. Complicated stuff.
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    I think your english is pretty good and understandable ;)
    I think you could attach a level (wasserwaage), in order to set the angle.
    You could attach a dial, where you enter the angle, and after this you tilt the slingshot until the level is - well, level...
    maybe you want to get inspiration from joergs gigantic slingshot artillery thingy :)
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  6. jt-1911

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    Haha ive been thinking of the same for a long time. I will work on some plans :) In last holidays I built one of these simple shooters from bungee cord and it shot around 120 meters so imagine theraband gold :)
  7. Will

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    Your English is very good, I have no problem understanding at all and it is a notoriously difficult language to learn.
    I've never built a rubber-powered device for water balloons, I generally use an air-cannon to drop them randomly around my neighborhood (no, the neighbor's do not know where they come from, thankfully)!
    But I think that if you view Joerg's 'Zombie Rooftop' video, that might provide a good starting point.
    Good luck!
  8. G_Y

    G_Y aiming the less

    The rooftop shooting ladder hit his hand very hard because the left hand was in the shooting way.