Ball in Tube attachment

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    I've come into a few thicker beamed natural forks and am about to turn them into ball in tube attached shooters ala Madison Parker: search "slingshots" on Equip to Endure's Youtube channel if you're wondering who i mean. Maybe even a laminated board-cut the the main one he's holding one day. (i'm new here and can't post a link yet)<br><br>I'm having trouble getting steel balls locally in a size that fits my available tubing. i'm figuring an insert as big as the outer diameter(3/<img src="" alt="Cool" longdesc="6"> of the tube is enough to hold the tube in place. i'm considering inserting a short steel dowel in its place with the edges rounded.<br><br>just wondering if anyone has had success with this attachment method as i haven't seen it mentioned. and if anyone thinks my substitution will work
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    i have used the ball in tube method before, from what i remember the ball does not have to be that big, so the same size as the outer diameter should be good. maybe you could buy some rubber balls off of ebay or amazon, they are hard to put in and you need to use lubricant like alcohol or water but once they are in they are very secure and wont come out. <br><br>the steel dowel should work if it is big enough.

  3. I've never tried to use a dowel but I have a slingshot that has knots in the string from the pouch stuffed into the tube and held in check with rubber. I'll upload a pic in a few, but it works well.