Badass Kitchen Utensils

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    I wanted to see slingshots shooting kitchen utensils like cheap knives, sharpened spoon and straightened fork. Also, mixing grease or oil at high temperature will create huge flame.
    I'm currently designing a slingshot rifle that will shoot 1 cent coils as an ammo with high speed.
    I will use either the surgical rubber bend or compressed springs as my propeller source. Nonetheless, I need ideas from as many people as possible.
    I realized rolling the 1 cent coil will reduce the friction drag dramatically but it's aerodynamically inefficient.
    I wanted to make a 1 cent coil gun (Auto lading, sharpened 1 cent coils) at high speed and able to shoot accurately at least 22-25ft.
    Need help people. Thank you.
    (P.S. I'm an engineer in training and have unlimited access to school's workshops)