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The application industries of power plant condensate security filter elements are as follows:

1. The large-flow filter element can be applied to the pre-iron removal filtration of high-temperature condensate water in air-cooled units, and the iron removal treatment of hydrophobic production return water

2. General purpose: pre-filtration of reverse osmosis system, purification treatment of various process water

3. General industry: various process fluids, process water, condensate water, cooling water, waste water treatment, etc.

4. Microelectronics industry: deionized water pre-filtration

5. Food and beverage industry: process water, etc.

6. Chemical/petrochemical industry: various acids, alkalis, solvents, quenching water, brine, etc. and various other chemicals

7. Power plant: additional water, condensate water, stator cooling water, etc.

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