Anyone Used The 25 mm, or 9 tenth Of An Inch, Magnetic Balls ?....

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    Hi All,

    Has anyone used these as shot ?

    I estimated the weight at 30 grams, most likely low, as easily almost twice as heavy as my 20 gram lead ammo. : and used my Dankung Alien model double banded tubes each side of the pouch, with a 36 inch draw.

    I used both my tab, and my phone chrono connect applications, with all details correct, except possible the weight; with remarkable similar result.
    A little different as although both on the same stool, possibly a 4 inch difference in microphone reception of the sounds.

    The results startled me, the slightly lower was 395 FPS, and 132.5 ft/lbs, putting it in smallish caliber rifle class.
    At 6 meters the weight makes it drop slightly about 4 inches, rather than rise as most ammo does.

    I'd be very interested in any other results, if they have fired these, as they absolutely dent destroy flattened steel food cans.

    They are too large for any likely penetration of anything, but the blunt force trauma and shock, should kill about anything we ever hunt with a slingshot. Although range would be severely limited to possibly about 12 meters.

    Cheers Aussie Allan In Thailand