Anyone made a "Instant Legolas" bow?

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    I love this concept because all types of weapons except bows are illegal in sweden and as the authorities have final say in whether a person may obtain a license for firearms, airguns or crossbows, and as the political environment as become stricter the authorities will deny licenses for people without any reson.

    I was very active in pistol shooting but I and my closest friends have given it up because of the police constant harassment of sportsmen/hunters.

    So the only thing left is archery, I however dislike the lack of a mechanical anchor point so I have been looking into things like the Scope-it.

    But this Instant Legolas seems like a great solution with fun repeting magazine and the option for optics, even flight arrows could be used! Mabe even a ball-sled?
    No d-loop, peep sights or arrows falling of the arrowrest!

    Have anyone made one? and if so can you post some photos of it? I would be very interested to see your constructions!

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    I am currently working on a 6th gen Instant Legolas, using the Chinese "triangle" bow. At 50 lbs, it seems perfect for the job.

    This time I am designing it differently. You grab the string UNDER the magazine so you don't have to spread your fingers apart. This also allows using a mechanical release. I am even working on a sliding handle that has a release build in, one that automatically engages. This means that you slide the grip forward until it catches the string, then move it back all the way and press a trigger when you want to shoot. As the grip does not lock in the rear position it is still a bow, you have to keep it cocked manually. The 50 pound bow deliers 50 Joule, which means each 15 gram bolt will do about 80 meters per second.
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    I did buy that chinese bow for a friend's bithday for 2 years ago, works great.

    Can't wait to see what you will come up with, thanks for sharing you great work!