Any Charts/Graphs For Type Of Bands, Weight Of Draw, Length of Draw etc.

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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has any charts, or formula, for various band strength setups; various lengths of draw; velocity in FPS; for various weights of ammo etc. Possibly even showing an expected ft/lbs impact energy.

    I fully realise to make up such a chart from scratch, would involve a whole lot of work, and time.

    So maybe their is a formula which can be applied to reasonably estimate all these variables.:confused:

    Myself, to reduce any inconsistency.

    I am banding my various slingshots with the same band material, cut the same length, and tapper, with the same relaxed length forks to pouch etc: to suit my prefered half "butterfly" draw of 45 to 46 inches.
    Given using this method, I can fairly easily maintain my point of aim at shoulder height, with the top/tip of my left fork, held "gangster style.

    Cheers Aussie Al In Thailand
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