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    Just signed up today. I used to shoot a wrist rocket with a friend of mine about 30 years ago. We cast our own ammo from lead seals and got pretty good at casting and shooting.
    I saw a link on a news forum for the rifle sling shot and thougth it looked pretty cool.
    I did have two questions. When I went to the blueprint PDF the links are all in HTML and when I copied and pasted some they did not work. Is this happening to anyone else?

    Second I have made several "Instructables" for the web site. is it okay to use the plans from here to make them for that site if I link back here?

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    Hi Verga. Welcome to the forum.

    I'm from western Virginia, but I'm currently in the Arizona desert. I miss my beautiful Shenandoah Valley. We have 'trees' in Arizona. At least this is what everybody keeps telling me. :p

    I've no clue what slingshots were like 30 years ago. The only one I've heard about is the vintage Wham-O Hunting Slingshot (now a collector's item). I'm pretty sure you'll find there is a whole new world of design and innovative ideas. A fusion of art and function makes it incredibly interesting and fun... universal fork tips, magazine chambers, ballistic materials, exotic woods, metal craft, faster and more durable elastics.... And then there is the FORCE, the one who goes by the name Jörg. :cool: Really very cool and exciting stuff!

    With your last statement, I THINK you are talking about templates that members have made available to other members on the forum???

    Hopefully someone else can answer this question for ya. Not a problem for copying and making one for your non-commerical personal use. My guess is that forum templates are probably only accessible to registered members with a login account. If I'm wrong about this, someone will correct me, I'm sure.

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    Welcome Verga!
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    Welcome to the forum Verga!
    If the files are hosted by this forum, they should be accessable only by registered members. Some members use are using free file-hosters, which are accessible by everyone. For posting links or pictures into another forum, I would at least PM the owner and ask for permission. Sometimes there are wired copyright laws (depends on the county)