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Another Canadian joins the forum

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Hello everyone, from Alberta Canada.<br>I've been watching Joerg's YouTube videos for a while and I'm pretty excited the Slingshotchannel has a forum now! <br><br>I hope to be posting here regularly.<br><br>I've just recently gotten back into slingshots, I was pretty enthusiastic about them when I was a kid. Now that I've got a lot more disposable income, power tools and know how, I think I'll be enjoying this hobby!<br>I've also got some experience in building electric guitars, pneumatic potato cannons, RC cars, knives, and longboards/skateboards (including use of composite materials), so if anyone would ever like to talk about those topics, count me in!
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Welcome!<br><br>Is that one of the Seven Samurai's in your avatar? I love that movie.
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