An old 'Y' shape stick for a friend

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    This is one of the first naturals I made a couple years back and the fork is still one of the most symmetrical I have found to date. The handle however had a large chunk missing, hence a piece of leather being bound and covered with some string to fill it out and help grip. It is a finger style target shooter with the light, long bands and small pouch. Surprisingly comfy to shoot and a favourite of mine; I know it will be well used! :) Also, if anyone is like me and left with little thera band, you can make long bands by cutting shorter strips and connecting them together. To do this I was inspired by the elastic around knot attachment for bands. I tied thumb knots in one strip while the other is attached using the standard wrapping of thin rubber around the knot to hold fast. No clue what the wood is...Hope you like it :)

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    first time that i see this. cool idea for band recycling.