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    So, why am I so fixated on his dad's 72 El Camino?

    Before I came to work for the company I'm at now, I was the VP of international shipping at a company that transported classic cars. My department was responsible for exporting them abroad. We had to assign market value for customs and insurance, arrange the transport to the port, passage on the ship by whatever method of shipping requested or recommended, and often arrange for acceptance by a consignee or dispachante. And, since I had to give the final clearance on all shipments, I know a thing or two about classic cars. From Metz to Mercer, Deusenburg to Mustang... Go ahead and ask me about the car. I'm probably knowledgeable about it and it's market value.

    Your dad has a third-gen model, and the hood scoop suggests that it might be a 454 SS model- '72 being the only year of that generation where it could be had. Check the VIN#- if the fifth 'digit' is a, 'W' then it is a badged SS model and worth well into the 30K range. The 402 also had a scoop, but if I recall it was a bit less pronounced. The SS upgrade was available for the 402 and 350 and 302 CID engines as well so still check for the 'W'.

    El Caminos of this body style (as well as '60's Mustangs) are very popular in Australia and Aussies were gladly paying top dollar for prime examples. Europeans didn't typically go for these, though. Corvettes and Camaros are more their fare.

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