ammoo weight for beginners? danger if not appropriate band/ammo combination??

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  1. Inqy

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    hey everyone!
    So I want to make my first slingshot ever and although I'm sure that this question has been asked a few times before, here is it:
    How much weight should the ideal beginners practice ammo have?
    On youtube someone wrote that if you don't use the appropriate combination of band strength and weight of ammo, that the ammo can stuck in the pouch and shoot back towards your body.
    That is why I want to know the ideal weight so I can use the calculator to have exactly the right bands for the ammo, because I got a bit worried becauseof that youtube-comment.
    Now I am wondering, if that really is that much of a deal and that dangerous, if the bands are to weak for the ammo or when the ammo is to light for the bands? :confused:
    Or is this danger overrated and I can also use the stronger slingshot for lighter ammo if I feel like wanting to shoot lighter ammo between the shots and vice versa?
    thanks guys :)
  2. kohlqez

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    In all honesty, I've never used any sort of ammo weight calculator, band width calculator, or anything like that and for the most part I'm ok. I have had some Return To Sender mishaps, one in particular got me just below the back of my ribs, they hurt like a ***** and its highly advisable that you do not follow my example. But for me, I'll do just about anything to keep the amount of math I have to do at a minimum.

  3. dolomite

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    Start with marbles and fairly narrow rubber and work up as you gain experience.
  4. Ghosth

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    Based strictly on my own experience, its better to shoot heavy ammo with light bands/tubes than it is to shoot light ammo with heavy rubber.
  5. AngelicScars

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    Call me bold or stupid, I use 7/16" carbon steel balls with my scout and the standard bands that come with it. I'm still very much a newb.
  6. Jeremy

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    I shoot 3/8 steel balls with the standard Scout bands and with my Maxim using Dankung loop-tubes. Of cursive did by the loop-tubes to fit the ammo.
  7. studer1972

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    High, wide forks and Trumark tubes will let you shoot most anything. Biggest thing is to wear good eye protection and a thick leather glove on your fork hand. Other than that, get/make a fork and start shooting. Joerg recommended paintballs the last time this came up. I've shot them with my Trumakr and my Pocket Predator with no problems, they work pretty good.