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  1. A visit to the Buck knife factory!

    I was in the Idaho area and remember that the Buck factory had moved there several years back. Unfortunately no factory tour for me,( tour group was full) but got the chance to check out the store. Got me a bag of loot!

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    A replacement sheath for my 119

    lanyard with Buck anvil logo,

    small 305 lancer, made in the USA. It should be great for those times where I need to cut something but am surrounded by non knife people. They tend not to appreciate a properly wrist flicked Paramilitary or Griptillian.

    nano bantam because $5......why not

    And a shirt
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    Way to go! Gotta love Buck!!

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    yea cant see knifes
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    i think the server crushed your files :D
  5. Sorry about that, I'll re upload the pictures tomorrow when I can.
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  6. I'm traveling so everything is in my bag.
  7. Will have everything re uploaded by 18:00. Can't now, didn't want to donate my loot to the tsa.
  8. I gave the lancer its first real/mid-heavy use test. Process the torn out carpet (redoing the upstairs floors at the moment), so it can all fit in the waste bins. The main pieces were around 5ft wide by 8-10ft and there were maybe 2 of these or so. The idea is simple enough, cut the carpet into 1 1-2ft strips, roll them up, throw in waste bin.

    It cut great the first 15 minutes. After that it didn't slice nearly as well. Eventually made it though all the carpet. Knife was dull, no long cut paper though it took no more than 10 minutes on the sharpener to restore the factory edge. I did notice the blade had more bend than I had expected. Not overly so but about as much as the standard wood saw on a common victorinox. I would have rather better edge retention but for 420hc it's fine. I don't expect it to hold like 110v CPM. Great little back up blade though, won't kick the Griptillian from my pocket but still very functional little tool.
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    Big job for a small knife?

    I would possibly use a freshly sharpened SAK but I would be sharpening it again before the job was finished. Stanley knife would be my first thought. Love the small blade on the Lancer.
  10. Ironically I don't own a basic Stanley knife. I have two $100 benchmades and a s110v CPM Spyderco ( along with many other blades) but no $1 box cutter. It's Strange really.