Actual fully auto slingshot - Archimedes screw design

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  1. douganman90

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    Just an idea i had while driving past one of the industrial drills at a quarry...

    The drills they use there seems similar to an Archimedes screw, drawing resources from below and depositing them out the top. Now this made me think, could that be incorporated into a feeder mechanism for a slingshot.

    Bear with me as this may sound a bit mad professor-esque but both the firing mechanism and the screw hopper loading mechanism could be run using a rotational handle. Of course you would have to implement a gearing system otherwise you'll end up constantly loading the slingshot.

    The firing mechanism would be similar to the pump action slings already mastered but instead of a linear froce coming from the bearer it could be done through a rotational handle similar to a ratchet and pinion system??

    This all sounds a bit overcomplicated but ive always wanted to see a fully automatic slingshot. the Archimedes screw could simply be placed in a container of ball bearing or stones etc and will simply lift the ammunition into the firing mechanism. All the bearer would have to do is crank the handle and the gear/ratchet and pinion mechanism will lift the ammo into the firing mechanism, cock the weapon, release the weapon and repeat constantly.

    This is a spontaneous idea and quite obviously full of flaws but was wondering if the theory had any foundation to stand on.

    Let me know what you think!


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  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    it might work... not sure...

  3. JoergS

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    I don't really see how this concept can work for a slingshot. How do you want to release the shot and re-catch the bands?

    What might work is a chain feeder, much like a bike chain with two wheels. But the screw. I don't see it.
  4. douganman90

    douganman90 Junior Member

    Understood. i think something could be done for the release mechanism but will admit a massive oversight was made with regard to the re catching of the bands. In that case forget the elaborate screw mechanism and i concede to your bike chain idea.

    With that in mind i think the pump action models have the best possibility of integrating a true full auto design. perhaps a hopper similar to those seen in paintball? For the full auto :confused: as you mentioned Joerg a bike chain with an arm on the chain to pick up the slider draw it back and then im stumped when it comes to the automatic release.
  5. douganman90

    douganman90 Junior Member

    could be driven through a turnding handle like the gatling sling shot or even a drill ??? dont know how resistant the bands are to rapid expansion and contraction. Overheating perhaps may an obstacle
  6. Calski

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    I had an idea simialar to this one when watching the minigun slingshot. Namly to use a spiral grove to cock the band. The same way that a gatling cockes the fireing pins.