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The marine candle filter element is welded by wedge-shaped winding bars and ribs. A continuous gap is formed on the surface of the candle stick, and the gap is narrow on the outside and wide on the inside when viewed from the cross section. Filtration direction is from outside to inside.

The candle stick has a unique self-supporting structure, which can withstand very large pressure and will not deform with pressure changes. After the diatomite pre-coating is formed on the surface, the coating is stable, and there will be no coating cracks, soil leakage and other phenomena.

The gaps of the candle sticks are evenly spaced, which can effectively intercept diatomaceous earth and quickly form a uniform pre-coating. Not easy to clog, easy to backwash.

The narrow outer and inner wide gap structure makes the filter element have a "self-cleaning" function, impurities will not be stuck, the surface of the candle stick is very smooth, there is no dead corner of any residue, the backwashing process is more thorough, and the cleaning effect is more ideal.

The failure of marine diesel engines is mainly the failure of the fuel system, and the failure of the fuel system accounts for more than 60% of the total failures, a relatively large proportion.
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