A new type of slingshot?

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    Wrist braced slingshots aren't an option where I live so I put my mind to an alternative solution that gave me good accuracy and the power I wanted, you can see the first build below.


    I find having the force come from the bottom and the top makes this a lot more comfortable to use than a regular slingshot.

    At first I tried to design what was just a regular rubber powered bow that threw round projectiles but that proved to be awful in accuracy and cumbersome to use. I find this works well because the four anchor points for the rubber seem to give the projectile a much more consistent flight path. Also this is probably the best way I can see to make a simple slingbow for arrows too as the bands don't slap into your hand so there is no need for dedicated string stoppers like in other designs, just personal opinion of course everyone will have their own preferences.

    This first design was a reasonably low powered design but I will make a nicer one with far higher power soon.

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum I thought it didn't quite fit the other forums but maybe it does (I'm new here).

    P.S. At the very least I may made the highest fork slingshot that is actually usable. :).
    Sorry if this idea has been done before and I didn't see it. I looked around but it is impossible to see everything that has ever been done before in slingshots.


    This can be taken as a public disclosure of the idea and anyone can build it for commercial or personal use. Some recognition would nice if anyone makes it commercially but it is up to you. If you make a popular video it would be cool if you PMed for my name to put as a credit first but still up to you.
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  2. Moin moin,

    But is an interesting part .....
    In slingshots it is especially important that you yourself can cope with it ...
    So if you get along with it, and can hurl exactly, that is the best for you (currently). In a few months, maybe that'll be different, I know that from me!

    Rethink details on your slingshot. They can of course be so, but I would keep the hoses to the frame in the eye, which are wear through here quickly .....
    The pockets do not fit the part, it is quite clear ....

    The medium wood chamfer that, the ball comes back not directly hits ....

    etc. ..

    Ist doch ein Interessantes Teil .....
    Bei Zwillen ist es vor allem wichtig, das man selber damit zurechtkommt...
    Wenn du also damit zurecht kommst, und genau schleudern kannst, ist das die für dich beste (momentan). In ein paar Monaten, kann es schon wieder anders aussehen, das kenne ich von mir!!!

    Details überdenken, an deiner Zwille. Man kann sie natürlich so lassen, aber ich würde die Schläuche an dem Rahmen im Auge behalten, die werden sich hier schnell durchscheuern.....
    Das das Teil nicht Hosentaschen tauglich ist, ist wohl klar....

    Das mittelholz anschrägen, das bei treffern, die Kugel nicht direkt zurückkommt....


  3. JoergS

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    This is bit like this old design of mine...


    It worked fairly good.

    The only problem: The slingshot is really bulky. I eventually stopped following the concept because of that.
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    Thanks for linking to the video. Watched most of your videos but I missed that one.
    I figured if anyone had done something along these lines it would be you.
    I agree it is bulky. Though probably the same volume as an average starship just distributed differently.
  5. Ghosth

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    Widely separated forks = higher precision?
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    I think this is more of a "Show off your Homemades" post but the argument could be made for gen ss discussions
    Either way good concept needs some work shaping, sanding, and a finish/varnish