A mystic Slingshot - Thank you very much, MVD

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  1. BeMahoney

    BeMahoney Builder of things

    Hi everyone!

    You don´t know when it´s comin´!
    And then: BANG! Surprise!...
    That´s what MVD did "to" (not really: FOR! ;) ) me!

    A really loveable surprise, by secretly sending me
    this fascinating, dark, mystical Natural of which I know

    Except that he did me good!- with a perfectly crafted
    natural capped fork, silky as wood can be, I´m not sure if
    any oil had been applied!- SO smooth! (But I can neither tell
    which kind of wood either the fork or the cap are..)

    And there is something dark in it, something mystic,
    like the depth of the woods. Silent, perfectly grounded.

    I called him Krabat, like the figure in Ottfried Preusslers
    dark and mystic Novel (only 5% of the length of Harry Potter,
    yet 20 times better!..)

    So this tribute goes out to you, my friend MVD! Krabat
    found a home and will have to go to work soon!

    Thank you very much!

    kind regards,


    (please excuse the quality of the pics, just my cellphone, as always)

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  2. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    Wow! A lot of character in that one! A nice score, Be!

    -Wild Bill

  3. mvd

    mvd Builds with scrap

    Wonderful description Be as always, I am glad that you like it.

    And the name...Krabat...perfect, couldn't thought of a better one.

    The endcap is Bankirai, the fork: I do not know It was from my recent fork hunt.

    It is finished with oil for oak furniture, It did a very good job: The fork was very pale before, but from your pictures it seems in cristallized in the bankirai.....bad sanding there I am afraid :( sorry for that.

    This oil is a bit odd with different kinds of wood....today I oiled a birch fork with it and all it did was bringig out the rather shallow grain.

    Thank you for your kind words, Be. Truly a friend.

    EDIT: I went trough my pictures from the fork hunt: Applewood for the fork ;)
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  4. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Careful Be - that looks like a mischievous fork to be sure. I would not be surprised if you find it wandering around the Pott in the middle of the night, looking for trouble. I sense an 'old soul' in that one. Keep him well fed with lead and steel and he'll likely stay close by. But he's not likely to ever be tame. Respect that.

    Nice work on on that applewood fork MVD. Lots of character and charm and just a little bit of mystery.
  5. 4foruglenncoco

    4foruglenncoco Member

    That wood looks like the one I just made, u and me both confused in the wood. ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1387836385.274830.jpg
  6. mvd

    mvd Builds with scrap

    nope, yours is an applefork too, 99% sure...1% any other fruit tree :D
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy Senior member who totally rocks a pink Scout! Pink

    That has some awesome characteristics.
  8. Ravensbull

    Ravensbull New Member

    I have nothing much to add to exactly what Withak said, except that thing has an inhabitant! They sometimes call scars and such growth "Catfaces," but that looks like a Woodspirit's home in there. If your real nice to him, and with that wholesome diet Withak suggested, I bet he'll pitch 'em perfect for you and help prevent the recurrence of that tennis elbow too! Your now empowered Be! It's a magickal wand, just needs magickal rubber to invoke it's potential!
  9. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    it can be seen all the "Mistic" that piece carries, it is really a very special NATURAL ... go Be and unleash all the MAGIC !
    congrats to you both friends !
  10. BeMahoney

    BeMahoney Builder of things

    NO need to worry!

    It´s ALL RIGHT!

    MVD broke the spell!- Krabat is just feeling fine!
    A bit unsettled, but frank to experience a warm welcome
    and a new home that makes him part of the family!

    He´ll just blossom- trust me :)