A Joerg slingshot for Onnod

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  1. Here is the slingshot I have owed Onnod for months and months now, as you can tell from the pictures I am not finished with the handle yet. I have it chucked in my drill and am using it and a rasp as a sort of makeshift lathe. I hope to have it finished soon and in the mail to you finally my friend.



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    Ah yes I do the same when making pulleys, the frame looks cool flat black always works

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    That's a stout looking W frame. The W I built like this is still my favorite to shoot heavy stuff with.

    Onnnod is sure to have lots of fun using it to decimate targets. Nice work.

    Chucking stuff up like that in a drill works great--add a belt sander and material disappears fast.;)
  4. It's working pretty good so far, sadly no belt sander :( The rasp is working though.
  5. I'll be posting pics of it finished here shortly (need my girlfriend to get home with the cell phone, it's the only camera) though I have to admit I did a half-ass job on the handle in my opinion :( It is pretty, the grain shows nice and it is smooth. However the bolt anchoring the dang thing to the frame was set a little off so it's a little tricky to set it in straight. It wants to lean to a side a bit so you'll have to fiddle with it, I'll be sending you another handle (one that is straight lol) but for now I am mailing it to you as is Onnod, you've waited for this shooter long enough and it's still usable, I just don't know how long it will take for me to find another good piece of Manzanita that won't crack to use as the next handle :(

    Here are a couple pictures of the "finished" product, Onnod will probably take some more sandpaper to it as what I had was fairly rough so I didn't put any kind of sealant on the wood. Hope the grain is visible in the pics, the phone camera isn't the best lol.
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    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    oeehhh i like it!! :D

    i do the drill thing too, always works haha
  7. I'll have to throw another coat or two of spray paint on it before I send it out, it's gotten a little scuffed up sitting around my apartment, but I will have it out to you soon. Just need to finish the paint and putting together the blowpipe I am sending you with it, I should have it in the mail within about a week or so :)