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Discussion in 'About the Forum' started by ABH1, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. MightyPanda

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    Indeed but at the same time I've never understood the popular aversion to people commenting in old threads. In fact it's quite common for people to start threads and then get berated almost as much for starting a new thread when similar older threads already exist. Both extremes are equally ridiculous.
  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    That is true as well, I guess there is a weird ballance between writing in old threads and making new ones...

  3. SSAdmin

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    Agreed. For the record there is no such thing as necroposting here. I would prefer it stay in the same thread if it's the same topic regardless of it's age.
  4. Flipgun

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    Old Threads Are A-Okay, But hunting and killing ? Yeah... not so much
  5. Haze

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    + 1 for a hunting section

    I'd love to have a hunting section. I love reading about hunting and I'd rather be on this forum than any other.

    It's been ages since I logged on but for some reason I just got a notification about this thread.

    Obviously it's the site owner's decision, and I have no doubt that everyone would respect his decision either way. But I think that's his call alone. I certainly don't agree that there shouldn't be such a section just because some people don't like it.

    People who don't like it could choose not to read it, just like people who don't like blue comedy don't go to the shows, and people that don't like porn don't look at it.
  6. TheDaddy187

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    my opinion: almost every slingshot forum has a hunting thread... there are so many...
    its good to have one that dont...

    to everyone wanting a hunting thread here, find another site that allows hunting...

    let us keep this one hunting free...

    why would every slingshot site need a hunting thread?

    the only hunting post i want to see is the great slingshot fork hunt...

    i only want to see old branches butchered and forks skinned...

    if i wanted to see some blood then i can just look over the posts where the blood is from a finger where the user got a little over confident with a blade
  7. JoergS

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    Well, guys, this is "Slingshot Channel - The Official Forum".

    In other words (and as explained in detail in the sticky "Welcome" thread), this is NOT a general purpose slingshot forum where everything slingshots has a place.

    This is a forum to discuss things relevant on my YouTube channel. There is a sizable crossover with other slingshot forums as normal slingshots are of course covered on my YT channel, but here, bladed weapons and crossbows are also discussed.

    Hunting isn't a part of my YT channel. Therefore I won't open a hunting forum. If you want to use one, there are plenty of other forums that will provide.

    Here you can post your hunting stuff on several places (like "General" or "Off Topic"), depending on the content of your post. So hunting is not outlawed. It just isn't one of the core topics here.

    Hope you understand!
  8. Haze

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    Fair enough. Off topic seems most appropriate in the circumstances.