A highly jiggling vendeuse. Bücherclub GT

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    Today my (onliest) mother visited me. 25th Dec...
    Holy christmas. "May I ask you something?"
    Both we went to the entrance and she asked:
    "Could you help me in this case?"
    Answered: "Of course, Ma. What happened?"
    She told me to be a member of a reading club and wanted
    to quit the membership. No idea to do that?
    "Okay," I answered, "just allow me some hours to accumulate myself."
    After some recherches I found this funny video.
    A girl, penetratingly jiggling loud into phone to sell- anything.

    Remembers me to Bertelsmann and their "successfull" vending
    actions. f.e. a "Lexithek"= 15 books for only 6,000 €.
    Tomorrow I'll find a way for Mom. That's sure.
    You still have any experiences with that?
    Or is it a special german appearance?

    Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqV_uZL37Rk