A few first homemade knife questions

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  1. Acorn_Man

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    So I’m working on my first knife. It’s sort of a little slimmer knife made of 01 tool steel. I have a few questions and was wondering if I could get a little help.

    The first is how far I should bring my grind down on the blade. How thick should I leave it at the edge when I go to heat treat? I’ve heard a dime’s width but that seems awfully thick for 1/8th inch stalk.

    Then next is about finishing. I sort of want to put a vinegar patina on it and also want to put birch wood scales on it. How do I finish the scales to protect them from the vinegar? Also how can I apply the vinegar finish to the tang of the knife?

    I’ll try and post pictures as I get farther along in the process. Thanks!
  2. Knallfrosch

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    for the vinegar part... i would put the scales on temporarily and give them the shape and sanding they need before you apply the final finish.
    Detatch the scales... vinegar treat the blade. Put the scales back on permanently and finish the whole thing...
    I haven´t done knives yet, but thats how i would try it =)

  3. Blankwalker

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    Well i would recommend 1 mm thickness for the edge which protects the steel from Not loosing Carbon while hardening.