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    SO! This is a crossbow trigger I came up with, it hasn't been built yet but it's to be constructed from multiplex plywood. Preferably 18mm but it might have to be a bit thicker, simply because it may not be strong enough and/or it mightn't hold the string at two separate points of contact. But the physics seem ok and i plan on using it in my next crossbow build. i might have to deepen the notches for the string simply to reduce risk of misfire. I'm referring to the round piece of course, the trigger wont be as thick, simply for comfort but that can be changed also.

    So for the time being it's still a bit of a work in progress but at this stage I thought it time to display a diagram or two. Also on another note, due to the shape the round, rolling piece, the fork will have to be relatively low, as this is a rubber-powered build.

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    Well it is a subject many of us are interested in.

    Been thinking about making something similar out of PVC. From all I've heard both nut and trigger should be of similar hardness or they will wear one side or the other.

    Also your top diagram where the trigger engages the nut you show a slight hollow. Done that way it tends to increase trigger pull. Better IMO to make it straight or slightly slanted for smooth trigger release, like your lower drawing.

    I was thinking of using a hole saw in my drill, and drill 2 or more circles out of PVC for mine. Gives me the centering hole, lets me put spacers between them, etc. Cut from a piece of 4" pipe, flattened, they should be easy to finish, durable, and easy to sand very very smooth for less string wear.

    But I have not yet gotten mine built either, still mulling it all over in my head.

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    i did my first ones with one piece hard wood, like oak, i drilled them with a hole saw "1-2.5 inch"and they came out perfect... go really slow (drill press is best) and take your time as it may get hot and want to smoke...i took breaks in between to let it cool off, the result however is great. :)

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