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Large-flow filter elements are mainly used in reverse osmosis equipment, seawater desalination treatment, pre-water filtration treatment, etc. Its characteristics are such as folding type, large dirt holding capacity and high flow rate. What we produce is mainly to replace Pall high-flow filter elements, 3M high-flow filter elements, parker high-flow filter elements, etc.

Our company produces a complete range of high-flow filter elements, some of which are listed as follows:

HF40PP010C01、HF40PP005D01、HF40PP015C01、HF40PP001C01、HF40PP015D01、HF40PP005C01、HF40PP040A01、HF40PP025D01、HF40PP100D01、HF40PP00A01、HF40PP040C01、HF40PP100C01、HF40PP040B01、HF40PP010D01、HF40PP010A01、HF40PP001B01、HF40PP001D01、HF40PP100A01、HFU640UY010JUW、HFU640UY050JUW、HFU640UY100JUW、HFU640UY010JW、HFU640UY050JW、HFU640UY100JW、HFU640UY010H13、 HFU640UY050H13、HFU640UY100H13...

The page display is not comprehensive enough, please contact us for more models, looking forward to your consultation.
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