4 Weeks of slingshots!

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  1. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    This Friday marked the start of my mandatory holidays, so now I have 4 weeks of sling carving to tide me through till I go back to work.
    I've been hoarding some Gum Tree forks I harvested and drying them in a plastic storage tub. ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1387705744.787592.jpg
    There's a couple of beauties in there and a couple of challenges, I love a challenge.
    As they are from a gum tree they have very thick bark and are very sappy, so they are quite heavy and very strong

    I've already started carving one ( the white one) after drying it in the car for a week ( hot Australian summer works wonders)

    I normally hate holidays but I think I may actually enjoy these ones :D
  2. kohlqez

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    In the words of Napoleon dynamite, "Luckyyyyyyy...."
    I look forward to seeing your results

  3. BeMahoney

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    Nice collection

    Beautiful forks,

    indeed!- I just wonder if the storage boxis the right thing to dry
    those?- The water condensed on the side might be due to
    the fact that ventilation should be improved? - A damp climate
    is good for wood and tree fungi...
    A place outside, protected from rainfall could do a good
    "job", too.


  4. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    That's a nice collection of forks to keep you busy! 4 weeks of mandatory time off? Such a thing is not known in the US:) For those of us fortunate enough to get PTO (paid time off) though, it's nice to take a little time off this time of year - for Christmas, and maybe some building ;) I'm taking a short break from building slingshots as I've got a special little project for my daughter and I just started assembling my first catchbox yesterday.

    Looking forward to the photos of your finished projects!
  5. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!


    Thanks Be, no need to worry, they only spend a fortnight at most in the tub, and there is a small tub of dry sawdust that sits in their normally to absorb excess moisture. It helps loosen the thick bark so I can just peel it off with my hands ( something a wood turner told me once)
    These guys are ready for transfer to the next stage after peeling.

    4 weeks is standard in my line of work, I work for a school and we break over Christmas, a bit like summer holidays for you guys I suppose.