2 Titanium GZK TTF HAMMER PRO Blackwood *NEW*

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    Due a health issue, I am selling couples of *NEW* slingshots from my collection.
    I am selling 2 of 3 TTF Hammer Pro that I purchased before my heart attack in Mars 2020.

    I have two for sale, one is Rosewood and one is Blackwood. Both are new and still in their original box from GZK.
    Titanium GZK TTF HAMMER PRO Blackwood
    was purchased from GZK. Original Price is 69$ USD 90.58$ CAN. Selling it for 59$ USD or 80 $ CAN. FREE SHIPPING IN US / CANADA.

    Slingshot (NEW) with Two Precise Band set + single sight + Allen key + Protective box.

    Material: Titanium
    Length: 125 mm
    Tip Width: 24 mm
    Thickness: 39 mm
    Fork Width: 86 mm
    Fork Gap: 58 mm
    Weight: 150g

    Send me a private message if you are interested.



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    Damn she's a beauty!