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  1. Zombie / Prepping related stuff
    Yup, you heard me! I recently made a Battering ram crossbow out of a cat tree and an old piece of PVC. I've made a couple videos for it as well, as an opening to my youtube channel where I make weapons out of scrap and junk. I figured the Zombie related board would be the best place to post...
  2. Zombie / Prepping related stuff
    Originally I was planning to put the symbol on dog tags but the details would have been too small for me to burn. Round pendants might be the better choice anyway. I used maple, guatambu, walnut and bilinga. I thought you guys might like seeing these :)
  3. New project ideas
    This is an ambitious project so I really can't see it happening, but I'll post it as mostly "entertainment." When I first saw NotLD as a kid, I thought: "Why, not run upstairs instead of down into the cellar?" You knock out a half-dozen steps leading up and you're safe from the undead. My idea...
  4. New project ideas
    Hey Joerg, I watch your videos all the time and I am fascinated by your rubber based launchers. In fact, I have constructed my own using the bronze Moorhammer design, it's a beaut! I notice how a lot of your launchers are designed for taking out zombies; how about a rubber based launcher that...
  5. Blueprint pdf downloads
    Hello Folks, As I see some of you really like Zombie themes :) I painted a printable and as ink-friendly as possible Zombie Target Sheet. :D Click here to download high resolution PDF. :D About the files As it is build up by dots it may be problematic to view on some monitors...
1-5 of 5 Results