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  1. The latest one!
    Hey, Y'all! We had 70+ degF weather for the first time since Nov yesterday so I took the day off, drove up into the Cascades, and battled the Kakamora (see Disney's Moana) with a few of my OTT deadwood shooters... May the 4th be with you! :D
  2. The latest one!
    Yes, yes :D... another slingshot video by uberfreak9 (AKA Lord Of Crows) and this time I'm shooting some 4.5 gram darts (constructed from a nail, 2 #10 hex nuts, a square of silk, and a nylon tie wrap), trying to take down a cannibalistic cultist on the river bank... utilizing some nice custom...
  3. Show off your homemades!
    First time shooting with Titania, El Guerrero Viejo (EGV), and Goblin Tongue... plus my first natty and all around badass, Krackhead... AND my monster slingshot, CTS Asesino... the cans never had a chance. :D
1-3 of 3 Results