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  1. New project ideas
    My idea is to create a small hand held rubber powered trebuchet. It would have some sort of a rifle stock and a highly reinforced arm (maybe using some of the thicker carbon fiber tubing as found at model airplane shops.) The rest of the idea is to make a very light weight but very strong...
  2. General Slingshot Discussions
    I just saw this at the forum. Simply some flour inside balloons, pretty cool though. They mentioned they use this in LARP or re-enactment. OR use sand instead of flour if you want bigger mass:
  3. Conventional slingshots
    Interesting David sling I made
  4. Show off your homemades!
    Third slingshot, second natural, first decent sling:D Second fork courtesy of Bushmaster, "The Swallow" is made from locust wood (I think) with a woven walnut bamboo flooring sample endcap (free flooring samples rock!) I dried it with Joerg's microwave method (bark off 600 watts 90 second...
  5. Blueprint pdf downloads
    these are the blueprints for my latest slingbow!:
  6. Blueprint pdf downloads
    hello! here is the design of the sling-bow that i am making for the how to tutorial that will be up soon. enjoy :)
  7. Impact studies
    Hello, Here are some impact studies using the sling and pitting it against some 2mm-3mm metal! The ammunition are merely average and imperfect rocks - and still managed to pierce metal! Imagine the amount of damage with metal steel balls! Thanks...
1-7 of 7 Results