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  1. Show off your homemades!
    Brothers Willow €52 EU / $73 World Two little natural Y branches that came of one gnarly Willow, the bigger brother with a perfect fork and very interesting grain and the little brother with a crooked recurve. Both have purple(heart) butts from their adventures. Designed for tube rubber to be...
  2. General Slingshot Discussions
    At the moment I am too inexperienced to feel confident that I could make a fantastic sling out of purple heart wood. But it has been a goal of mine ever since I first found out about purple heart wood to make one into a slingshot, probably something similar to Joerg's moorhammer but with my own...
  3. Show off your homemades!
    Fascinated by Mr.Arturos great marksmanship, I decided to try the P.F.S. style, and see if my aiming improves. First thing i needed was a P.F.S., sooooo........... I got this rare wood, brazilian version of Purple heart. Taught to work...but strong as a rock! I've managed to turn it into this...
1-3 of 3 Results