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  1. Show off your homemades!
    I made my first slingshot using a router template, the template was made from a piece of 9 mm laminate flooring. Made from a natural hazel tree fork that was planed, routed and laminated with bamboo wood with green vulcanized paper in-between. Handsanded up to 1200 grit, finished with 2...
  2. Show off your homemades!
    It was time to finish this one... What I am going to show to you is called "Glazed gold", because it is made from a black locust fork and laminated with padauk and wenge (exotic wood postcards from Japan, thanks to Dax). So the polished padauk looks like a glaze on the black locust base...
  3. Show off your homemades!
    I'm back with a new slingshot after one and a half months of slingshot building burnout. Made from an unknown fruit tree fork with marbled FIMO clay palmswell, I almost swore to God that I will never work with FIMO clay, but I got the hangs of it. So, sanded from 80 to 1200, ok jump on me...
  4. Show off your homemades!
    This is my 6th slingshot. I made it for a coworker. It's a lot like my last one except I used hickory instead of oak. Gave it to him this morning and he seemed happy with it. It was hard to hand it over though after I'd made it. Lol. Hope he enjoys it.
1-4 of 4 Results