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  1. The latest one!
    Uhm... yeah... I do dorky sh$t sometimes... :D
  2. Show off your homemades!
    I had one more fork from Piper's Grove and shaped it into a pseudo chalice... The apple tree in the photo is actually alive despite the trunk looking like it had deceased long ago... you also can observe some very old wood in the core of the fork... possibly 100 years old itself... as I studied...
  3. Show off your homemades!
    Again, I spotted a deadwood fork along the trail and proceeded to rub the guck off the side that was lying on the ground... it was birch so I swiped off the half rotten bark including a few worms... the skyward side was clean and when I pulled off the outer papery bark I noticed the inner bark...
  4. Show off your homemades!
    I salvaged a lattice, sprayed it black, put some 3-inch screws through the back of it for pegs, ran some pieces of half-inch plastic tube over the threads, twisted 12mm beads onto the screw points and filled with colored epoxy... it works pretty well and I like how the flexible clear tubing...
  5. Show off your homemades!
    Meet BONK!... I call it bonk because I made a rookie mistake on the whittling job and chiseled a crack into it... I might try to fix it later with some epoxy but for now I just sanded it to 220grit and rubbed some Howard Butcher Block Conditioner into it... any advice is appreciated... I thought...
1-5 of 5 Results