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  1. Impact studies
    Just a brief bit of data to help you select your ammo. With spheres, a 25% increase in diameter doubles the volume. So moving from 8mm to 10mm doubles the volume of your projectile, which of course doubles the weight. Next item is density. Here are a few: Glass: 2.4 Steel: 7.82 Lead: 11.35...
  2. Impact studies
    I got a Steambow Stinger last week. Great pistol crossbow! But lacking in power. I’ve always enhanced the power of my Cobra 80lb by adding a 4” length of flat spring steel behind the prod, and pushing the prod as far forward as possible. It makes a noticeable difference in penetration, often...
  3. General Slingshot Discussions
    Hi, Does anyone use lead shot, the type intended for shotgun cartridges, as ammo? (not the really small stuff, around 8-9mm). I understand they are made in a drop tower rather than cast so they'll probably be a bit less round but do you think this would make much of a difference in accuracy over...
  4. Zombie / Prepping related stuff
    Just made a nice little flail by pouring liquid lead into a mould with some nails! It almost weighs 700g and has a diameter of 5 cm with 2 cm - 3 cm long nails!:) Please vote for Jörg Sprave!
1-4 of 4 Results