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  1. General Slingshot Discussions
    To Joerg, I want to rebuild your Crossbow with my uncle. I would be very happy, if you give as much information as possible. We're looking forward to shoot with it on a farm on targets. I read the following thread and saw these pictures. (...
  2. Das Deutsche Schleuderforum
    An Jörg: Ich möchte gerne zusammen mit meinem Onkel(Schreiner) deinen "Folding Crossbow" nachbauen. Ich wäre wirklich glücklich, wenn du mir viele Informationen gibst und mir so detailliert wie möglich über sie berichtest. :) Wir haben vor, damit auf einem großen Gehöft auf Zielscheiben zu...
  3. General Slingshot Discussions
    I bet none of yous out there could make a release for normal hand held slingshot,No crazy wooden barrels but a normal slingshot. I have been thinking about it for awhile how would u make a release that would hold the amo in place and pull it back. If you could make one or ideas plz spit 'em out...
  4. New project ideas
    Slingshotknuckles This is my project idea, what if you could combine a slignshot and a pair of knuckles. BTW: I'm not so good at editing but I hope you get my idea :S
1-4 of 4 Results