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  1. Show off your homemades!
    With all the recent talk about micro's, I'm feeling a bit left out. And since I don't have time to work in a micro build right now, I thought I'd bring this guy back out of the box for those who didn't see it the first time around. I made this last year out of a bamboo cutting board. Still ranks...
  2. General Slingshot Discussions
    What is the best Slingshot Joerg has every made? Also which is better the Moorhammer or the RamBone?
  3. General Slingshot Discussions
    Hello friends, how about are you? I hope well, today I bring you a review of the slingshot by Joerg Sprave Rambone, I've uploaded to my YouTube channel, my channel on YouTube make homemade weapons, hacks, mods ......, The slingshot I bought in European store, and shoots great and is very...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Dwight. I'm a high school physics teacher and I've stumbled upon this website this past summer (sorry for the late intro). I've used this site (and YouTube videos) a few times in my classroom. I've had my students use the slow motion videos to analyze the motion of the...
  5. Show off your homemades!
    Almost done filing this beast. I ended up with some crazy type 1 and a half inch thick multiplex and decided I would try to clone one of my favorite designs. Hope you don't mind Joerg! I can't wait til I get some time to polish this one up.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Little work to do..... Let's draw!!!! Mr.Joerg, if you like it i can scan and email for you! From your fan Raul a.k.a Brazilviking.
1-6 of 6 Results