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  1. Conventional slingshots
    greetings friends I made a simple model of sling for shooting darts and flechetes. perfect to an EDC because it fits in any pocket and goes unnoticed anywhere. Holding the slingshot in his pocket is possible to take along on average 10 darts. Comments are well...
  2. Slingbows
    Hi ther guys. yesterday i to train whit my flechettes and darts, distance about 10 meters. subscript in my channel.
  3. Slingbows
    Last summer, based on Joerg's initial demonstration of the flechette concept (a short metal arrow made from a bolt and a wing nut) I started developing them on my own. My first ones were big and heavy and had duct tape vanes on them like the ones the big guy demoed. The ones I shoot now are 2.5"...
1-3 of 3 Results